General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the business relationship between the real estate agency VENTO FORTE (hereinunder: the Agency) and the Client (a natural or legal person). Having concluded the Brokerage Contract, the Client acknowledges to have been acquainted and agrees with the provisions hereof.

General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Brokerage Contract concluded between the Agency and the Client.

Specific terms in the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

Real Estate Agent – real estate agency "VENTO FORTE" i.e. the agent in real estate transactions.

Client is a natural and/or legal person that concludes the Brokerage Contract with the Agency (seller, buyer, leasee, lessor, etc.)

Brokerage in real estate transactions are the Real Estate Agent’s actions related to liaising the Client with the third person, as well as negotiations and preparation for a legal transaction conclusion the subject matter of which is the specific real estate transaction, involving the purchase, sale, substitution, rental, lease and other.

Third party is a person that the Real Estate Agent attempts to link with the Client for negotiations on concluding legal transaction the subject matter of which is a specific real estate.

Brokerage fee is the amount the Client is obligated to pay to the Agency for its real estate brokerage services.


The real estate offer is based on information received by the Agency in writing, verbally or electronically. It is conditioned by signature. The Agency retains the possibility of an error in the real estate description and price, of advertised real estate being already sold (or leased) or withdrawn from sale (or lease) by the owner. The Client shall keep the Real Estate Agent’s offers and notifications confidential. They can be transferred to the third party only with the Real Estate Agent’s written approval. If the Client has already been informed of the real estates that are offered to it by the Real Estate Agent, it is obliged to immediately inform the Real Estate Agent thereof.

The offer and/or real estate information is deemed confirmed by signing the Brokerage Agreement between the Client and the Real Estate Agency.

The Agent shall not be held responsible for any error from the previous paragraph hereof except if made deliberately and/or in case of the Agent's negligent behaviour.

The Agent shall not be held responsible for errors and/or negligent behaviour on the part of the Client.


Real estate prices are stated in euro, and payable in HRK counter value according to the CNB midpoint exchange rate on the day of the payment.


Under the Real Estate Brokerage Contract, the Real Estate Agent undertakes to attempt and connect a third party with the Client for negotiations and conclusion of a specific legal transaction, and the Client undertakes to pay a specific brokerage fee to the Agent if that legal transaction is concluded.

The Brokerage Contract is concluded between the Agent and the Client.

The Brokerage Contract must accurately, truly and fully specify all real estate information for the needs of said brokerage as well as Client's and Agent's obligations.

If the real estate in owned by several persons, the written consent (power of attorney) by all real estate co-owners or their representatives is required as a sign of the acceptance of the Brokerage Contract.




The Real Estate Agent is entitled to the brokerage fee agreed under the Brokerage Contract (hereinunder: Fee).

The Real Estate Agent shall charge the Fee for its work in the amount set under the Brokerage Contract. The Real Estate Agent is entitled to a brokerage fee in full, immediately after the conclusion of the first legal document between the parties (Pre-Contract or the Sale and Purchase Contract).

VAT is charged to the Fee amount.

The Brokerage Fee paid by the buyer for the service of real estate agency is 3(three) percent of the agreed sale and purchase price for said real estate.

If the party offers to pay the brokerage fee higher than the agreed, the Agent is allowed to accept such fee.

The amount of the brokerage fee is freely regulated under the real estate brokerage contract.

The Agent and the Client may agree on the Agent's right to reimbursement of costs required for the performance of brokerage services and the Agent may request the advance for certain costs.

In case of a brokerage during which the Client itself or via a third party has found the interested buyer, the Agent is entitled to, in accordance with its conscience, charge real costs incurred in connection with said agency.

It is deemed that the Real Estate Agent has enabled the liaison between the third party (natural or legal) and the Client regarding the negotiations to conclude the intended transaction ifthe Client is enabled to get in touch with the third party with whom the Client has negotiated the conclusion of the legal transaction, and in particular if it has:


The Brokerage Contact is concluded for the period of 12 months. It shall be terminated upon the expiry of the period for which it was concluded if within that period no Contract was concluded for which the brokerage was provided or by the cancellation of any of the Contracting parties.The contract can be extended by mutual consent for the period of the next 12 months.

The Client shall recognize the agency after the expiry of the contract if the contact with a third party had been established during contract duration.

If the Client, before the expiry of agreed duration, unilaterally terminates the contract, said Client shall reimburse, within 7 days, all brokerage costs incurred to the Agent until contract termination, which pertain to the cost of advertising, material cost and others if said costs were agreed and incurred.

When the contract expires in due course, the parties thereof shall have no mutual claims. The Client shall reimburse the costs incurred to the Real Estate Agent which were previously agreed to be paid by the Client additionally.

If within 2 years from the termination of this contract the Client enters into a legal transaction that is primarily the result of the Real Estate Agent’s action prior to the Contract’s termination, it shall be obliged to pay to the Real Estate Agent the full brokerage fee unless otherwise agreed under the Contract.


The Agency is open for cooperation with other real estate agencies which adhere to basic ethical principles (which ban the use of inaccurate business information for the purpose of closing business deals and signing clients, disrespecting other agencies in any way for the purpose of closing business deals and signing clients, unrealistic real estate evaluations for the purpose of closing brokerage deals and eliminating other agencies from the market, public performance for the purpose of self promotion at the expense of other agencies).– Mutual cooperation of agencies shall be in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Real Estate Agents – members of the Real Estate Exchange and members of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.


The relations between the Client and the Agency resulting from the Brokerage Contract which have not been regulated hereunder nor under said Brokerage Contract shall be regulated under the provisions of the Real Estate Brokerage Act and the Civil Obligations Act. All potential disputes shall be settled by the Municipal Court in Buje.