A town for a simply wonderful holiday

The ancient town of Novigrad was at the focus of intriguing historical events, which left traces that survive in the impressive architecture of its fortified walls, summer palaces, and the entire old town centre, which was once an island. Today, Novigrad is a quiet fishing town where life still flows at a comfortable, easy pace. Except during summer, when it turns into a stage for exciting events, from urban music festivals to culinary feasts celebrating the local scallops, sardines or wild asparagus. The konobas and restaurants of Novigrad are sure to tickle your taste buds – especially if you love seafood – while its parks and walls will lure you out for romantic strolls under the moonlight.

Visit unique museums like the Lapidarium, set sail for a sunset excursion, or listen to klapa a cappella music and other acoustic performances on weekends in the town centre, where you will also find interesting handicrafts and souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful holiday in Novigrad.