Sport and leisure activities

Novigrad has become one of the top sport centres for athletes and amateurs wanting to develop their health, fitness and overall wellbeing. The pre and post-season are best times to make the most of your activities. The climate is perfect; the sun is not so strong like in the peak of summer and the air is refreshing, just right to make your activity better.

Active holiday paradise

If you’re a professional or amateur tennis player, Novigrad can offer sports retreats that have hosted one of the best tennis players in the world.

Those wanting to explore the beauties of the Adriatic underworld, scuba diving schools and classes can take you into the realm of one of the most pristine waters on Earth. Snorkelling can be an option, too, for those wanting to explore the waters but stay on the surface.

Cycling is also a big part of the sports tourism, with bike routes that can take you along the coast or inland where you can meet old towns, covered in beautiful stones and meet friendly locals.

Wherever you decide to go, we can provide you with best tips and tricks to make your holiday a memorable experience.