Summer of culture

Visitors can take part in different kinds of cultural events that are taking place during the whole year, but summer brings a special vibe, when the local cuisine, artists, street performers, all present themselves to an international audience.

Local cuisine events

When you book your perfect Novigrad apartment or villa, we can show you the best cultural and local events that are the essence of having a good time. Novigrad Gourmet festival is one of the growing festivals of local delicacies, presenting asparagus, a healthy, Mediterranean gourmet food. Gnam-gnam fest can take you into the realm of seafood, with scallops and squid as main stars, prepared in a first-class gourmet standard that will awaken your senses.

Arts and music

Street performers gathered in their special summer nights, alongside with Ex-tempore exhibition of local artists, Parkfest with music and dancing, Astro parties for stargazing fans or St. Pelagius fest, dedicated to the local patron saint, which is a must-see during your time in Istria. Festivals are usually linked with music, sports, dancing, and fireworks for the big finish.

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